Stamp Duty In Malaysia

Stamp Duty is a fee on legal documents such as a Sale and Purchase Agreement or Loan Agreement when you purchase a house.
Stamp Duty is charged under two categories:
Stamp Duty in Malaysia is based on a scale as outlined below:
Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT)
In Malaysia, the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) is a property-related tax based on the profit gained from selling a property.
RPGT is a tax on profit. That means it is payable by the seller of a property when the resale price is higher than the purchase price.
Real Property Gains Tax is a tax on chargeable gains derived from the disposal of a property. A chargeable gain is a profit when the disposal price is more than the purchase price of the property. RPGT is also applicable in the procurement and disposal of shares in companies where 75% of their tangible assets are in properties, a.k.a. Real Property Companies (RPC).
Taxes are based on the positive net capital gains which is the disposal price less the purchased price, less the miscellaneous charges such as stamp duty, legal fees, refurbishment costs, local taxes etc.
Property tax rates in Malaysia