Property Investment Services

Property Investments Need to Meet Several Criteria.

Key considerations would be Location, Long-Term Capital Appreciation, and Rental Yields. Apart from these, there are other contributing factors. Talk to us, we are here to assist.


Meeting Your Investment Needs


Key Insights

Everything begins with an understanding of our investors’ plans and financial objectives. Thereafter we provide several options with a brief overview. Upon the investor identifying a property of interest, we then provide comprehensive information, followed up with a site visit.
We provide investors with pertinent information to make informed investing decisions. Past transaction data, historical values, current bank’s valuations and tenant profiles are some of the valuable insights that we will assist with.


Site Visits / Property Inspections


Liaison with Consultants

We schedule and facilitate site visits for properties that have been identified by investors. Prior to the inspection, we shall provide all pertinent information on the property that’s identified for inspection. (Tenancy details, building specifications, tenant background, brief comparative analysis, etc.)
We work closely with a preferred team of consultants (Lawyers, Valuers, Architects, Designers, Contractors, Surveyors, Bankers, etc). We realize that professional advice is critical when investing, as such we work with expert consultants to help facilitate the decision-making process.

Professional Fees & Taxes

Professional Fees

Estate Agency, Valuation, Legal & Property Management Fees.


Real Property Gains Tax & Stamp Duty.